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  • Residential and Commercial Security

    Residential and Commercial Security

    Uniformed Security - Commercial and Residential Security services is often one of the biggest expenses for condominiums and businesses. Let…

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  • Parking Enforcement

    Parking Enforcement

    Meridian Security Solutions Inc is certified/approved to Issue Municipal Police Tickets on Private Property in the following cities: City of…

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  • Construction Sites

    Construction Sites

    Construction site security is a more responsible position than many people realize. Some of the responsibilities may include: regular perimeter…

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  • Uniformed Loss Prevention

    Uniformed Loss Prevention

    We offer a “suite and tie” approach to loss prevention with our loss-prevention professionals exhibiting a friendly concierge-like image, as…

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  • 24/7 Locksmith Services

    24/7 Locksmith Services

    We offer professional, 24/7 emergency locksmith services as well as routine repair and installation.

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  • Patrol Tracking Systems

    Patrol Tracking Systems

    Patrol tracking systems are a great way to ensure accountability and to track the patrols your employees perform. Your employees…

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  • Mobile Patrols

    Mobile Patrols

    If you don’t need or can’t afford a security professional to be stationed at your site, we have a solution…

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  • Alarm Response

    Alarm Response

    Rest well and leave the alarm response to us. We offer a 24/7 quick burglar alarm response in Toronto and…

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  • Incident Management

    Incident Management

    If an incident happens on your property, we can help with the incident investigation, camera review and act as a…

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  • Security Audits

    Security Audits

    Security is very likely an important part of your business and is a big investment. It is a good idea…

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  • Undercover Loss Prevention

    Undercover Loss Prevention

    We also offer a “plain clothes” loss prevention option. Plain clothes loss prevention allows security professionals to be present in…

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  • Special Events

    Special Events

    We take security out of your many worries when organizing an event. We realize that our security professionals play an…

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  • Bars/Restaurants


    Security professionals play a key role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for customers and protecting the establishment’s liability.…

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  • Fire Watch

    Fire Watch

    If your fire alarm system is on test or in repairs and fire watch is required, we are able to…

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  • Industrial and Commercial Facilities

    Industrial and Commercial Facilities

    We provide customer-specific and site-specific security solutions for all kinds of industrial and commercial facilities including: Factories Warehouses Truck yards…

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