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Residential and Commercial Security

Uniformed Security - Commercial and Residential

Security services is often one of the biggest expenses for condominiums and businesses. Let us ensure that you are getting the most value out of this investment.

The role of the security guard can encompass many responsibilities, including safety and security of the building, emergency response, parcel services, amenity bookings, supervising supervision of move-ins and move-outs, handling maintenance issues, parking enforcement and many other tasks, as required.

In many cases, security guards act as an extension of the property management. Often, especially during evenings, nights and weekends, the security guard is the only person working at the property and is entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. The security guard is then the sole person responsible for making sure that the condominium is running smoothly, that the premises are secure, that all the rules are being followed and, of course, dealing with potential issues such as injuries, water leaks, fire alarms, elevator emergencies, etc.

This makes the security guard team a vital part of the community that is not only responsible for looking after the property, but also for peace of mind of the property management. This peace of mind comes from knowing that when they are away from the site, it is secure and is in good hands.

We aim to achieve this sense of security through our 5-step system:

1. Learning your site. Our senior management will learn your site inside out. This is necessary for a number of reasons described below.

2. Creating detailed site-specific procedures (Post Orders). We believe in the importance of putting all policies and procedures in writing. Post Orders should contain all information and procedures that one would need when working at the site, to the smallest detail. The Post Orders are written by our Managers with the input from the client.

3. Selecting quality employees. All our employees go through a rigorous selection process, as well as reference checks and background checks. As part of the selection process, the candidate’s knowledge as well as their ability to think on their feet are tested.

Hiring good people is only a part of the process. When it comes to managing employees, the key to that success is matching the correct employee to the correct position. Before we begin the search for an employee to fill a vacant position, we carefully analyze that position to produce a "photo robot" of an individual most suitable to fill it.

We also cannot underestimate the impact of work-life balance on employee's overall job satisfaction and long-term performance. We ensures that employees are comfortable with the site they work at,  the schedule and distance to work. 

4. Training. Once employees are selected, it is crucial to ensure they are properly trained to site-specific requirements, no matter how much previous experience the employee has. Prior to on-site training, employees are given the site's post orders to study, so that when they arrive for training they have a sufficient knowledge of the site. In addition to training regular employees, we ensure that we have back-ups trained to cover for days off, vacations and illnesses.

5. Supervision. Once an employee is trained, we consistently monitor his or her performance though a variety of means, such as unannounced site visits, trespass scenarios, report reviews, client feedback, etc. Another tool we use at sites where patrols are required, is patrol tracking. Patrol tracking systems help ensure that the patrols are being done where required and with the required frequency.

We also place a high value on building relationships with our employees. Our site visits are not only about monitoring the employees. It is also about having an open conversation, getting to know the employees on a personal level, building trust and mutual respect.