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Note: if you are unable to use this system please call our 24/7 parking registration line at 416-900-6060 ext 2435 and leave a message.

Please make sure that the information you have entered is correct. Failure to provide correct information may result in your vehicle being tagged and/or towed at owner’s expense.

All registrations will expire at 9 am

When registering make sure you are within you monthly or consecutive limits. If you register over the limit, your vehicle may be ticketed or towed without further warning.
If you have a visitor staying for a longer period of time, exceeding your limit, contact your property management for a permit.

If you have a complaint about a parking ticket received:
1) Check to make sure that you have followed all the instructions for registration.
2) Check to make sure that you did not go over your monthly or consecutive limit.
3) If you would still like to dispute the ticket, see options on the back of the ticket. Our company or property management does not get involved in the parking ticket dispute process.

All tickets that we issue are municipal and carry penalties for not paying.

Parking Permit Registration