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Portfolio Category: General Security

Residential and Commercial Security

Uniformed Security - Commercial and Residential Security services is often one of the biggest expenses for condominiums and businesses. Let us ensure that you are getting the most value out of this investment. The role of the security guard can encompass many responsibilities, including safety and security of the building, emergency response, parcel services, amenity…
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Construction Sites

Construction site security is a more responsible position than many people realize. Some of the responsibilities may include: regular perimeter patrols, loss prevention, monitoring equipment, alarm response, traffic control, access control, and more. It is necessary to have a professional security team in place to ensure that the construction is running smoothly. We take construction…
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Special Events

We take security out of your many worries when organizing an event. We realize that our security professionals play an important role in the smooth running of your event and that the public will be looking to them for assistance, guidance and information. This is why we ensure that our employees are well informed about…
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Security professionals play a key role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for customers and protecting the establishment’s liability. All our security professionals are fully licenced and first-aid certified. In addition, all employees working in liquor-serving establishments are smart-serve certified and trained in dealing with the intoxicated patrons. The basis of our training is…
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