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Portfolio Category: General Security

Residential and Commercial Security

Uniformed Security - Commercial and Residential Security services is often one of the biggest expenses for condominiums and businesses. Let us ensure that you are getting the most value out of this investment. The role of the security guard can encompass many responsibilities, including safety and security of the building, emergency response, parcel services, amenity…
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Construction Sites

Construction site security is a more responsible position than many people realize. Some of the responsibilities may include: regular perimeter patrols, loss prevention, monitoring equipment, alarm response, traffic control, access control, and more. It is necessary to have a professional security team in place to ensure that the construction is running smoothly. We take construction…
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Fire Watch

If your fire alarm system is on test or in repairs and fire watch is required, we are able to provide quality, trained security professionals on a very short notice. We can also provide fire watch forms required by the fire department.
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Industrial and Commercial Facilities

We provide customer-specific and site-specific security solutions for all kinds of industrial and commercial facilities including: Factories Warehouses Truck yards Shopping malls Office buildings Libraries Community centres Educational facilities
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